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NA 043-01-34-01 VT Working Group Translation 29500-26300

Categories for Use Cases

(2008-02-19) The working group Translation 29500 – 26300 (NA 043-01-34-01 VT) which has been set up by NA 043-01-34 AA "Document Description and Processing Languages" working committee has published its initial findings as the first draft of a DIN (German Standards National Body) Technical Report.

OASIS ODF 1.0 has been accepted as standard by the ISO (ISO/IEC 26300) since 2006. Office Open XML was first approved as an ECMA-376 standard in December 2006 by the Ecma International General Assembly and in January 2007 was submitted to the ISO (ISO/IEC DIS 29500) for ISO/IEC standardisation.
OASIS ODF 1.0 (ISO/IEC 26300) and Office Open XML (ECMA-376) are both open formats for saving and exchanging documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Both formats are XML based but are different in design and scope.
In order to promote the interoperability of these important document formats, NIA-01-34 created on 2007-04-24 a working group to focus on translation and interoperability between the document standards.

The aim of the “Working Group Translation 29500 - 26300" is to

Identify in detail the differences between ODF and Open XML that can help harmonization and interoperability 
Development of a technical report (DIN) concerning translation of ODF /Open XML in both directions.

Goals of the Technical Report:
The report will start by studying common use cases to identify how the most important functionalities of one document format can be represented in the other format. The technical report will do a thorough review of the concepts, architectures and various features of the two document formats in order to provide a good understanding of the commonalities and differences. We expect that functionalities will be able to be translated with different degrees of fidelity to the other format. We will provide, for each functionality, detailed information on the extent of which that functionality can be translated. The goal is to help achieve harmonization and interoperability between the two formats.


February 2008 – First Draft of Technical Report
July 2008 – Second Draft of Technical Report
February 2009 – Final Draft of Technical Report


The Working Group is open and is inviting international experts who would like to contribute to the Working Group’s findings.


The Working Group conducts its work  in English.

How to Participate

Interested parties who wish to collaborate should contact the DIN secretary.

The initial findings are now being published and can be accessed via DIN.


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