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Mission statement

Forming part of the German Institute for Standardization, DIN, the Information Technology and selected IT Applications Standards Committee (NIA) is the official national body for standardization in the field of information technology. More than 500 experts from all areas of the IT industry, research and education, and the public sector aim at promoting the development of the information society by creating market-oriented and application-related standards.

Primary tasks

Currently, NIA comprises 19 working committees which, in the area of IT products, systems, and applications, work on

The focus is, among other things, on

With the growing networking of information streams, standardization work in the field of selected IT applications, e.g. for eBusiness or eGovernment, is becoming more and more important.

A number of measures have been adopted to effectively ensure a strictly relevance-oriented work programme.

NIA and International Standardization

The world of information technology has become largely internationalized. Accordingly, NIA mainly focuses on international standardization projects within the framework of

Within this context NIA seeks to continuously increase harmonization not only between European and international standardization but also of standardization within Europe itself. European projects are taken on only if there is a clear demand for standardization at European level. NIA represents DIN in all CEN Technical Committees that work on IT-related matters and is, in particular, the mirror committee for CEN/ISSS „CEN Information Society Standardization System“ and its  Workshops.

Finally, NIA is also the mirror committee for

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